Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fellger Playlot Park

It has been HOT!  And so I went to a place that I knew I could count on to keep me and the kids cool - Fellger Park.  This cute little park is located on the corner of Damen and Belmont in Roscoe Village.  To begin, the park is in an amazingly family friendly neighborhood.  Fellger is always hopping with kids and parents (okay, nannies) enjoying the spray pool, playground equipment, little play house and child sized train.

We went to Fellger on a Thursday afternoon and there was plenty of street parking available.  My only guess is most of the people at the park live close enough to have walked.  On the day that we visited it seemed that the drain for the spray pool was not working fast enough.  This caused the water to pool in locations that it normally wouldn't (like under the baby swings).  Although this is not the norm, it actually added to the fun and I loved that I got to wade through the cool water as I pushed my little guy on the swings.

The park is very well maintained and also spread out.  It has the most slides I have ever seen in such a small space, tons of swings and enough trees to keep parts shady (and cool, somewhat).  K and F had so much fun running and jumping in the water, it is finally hot enough that the cold water was perfect for playing in.  We really enjoyed our day at Fellger and REALLY enjoyed our cupcakes at Bleeding Heart Bakery after.

Love:  spray pool on a hot day, trees to shade, little clubhouse, miniature train, great playground with tons of slides and swings, parking, great neighborhood, tons of kids, drinking fountain, rubberized material, gated.

Hate:  No bathrooms.  Although I did see a mom coaxing her child to go on the travel potty that she brought, pretty hilarious (yet smart?).

Special feature:  The water spout and the little house were our favorites.

*Man-Jo-Vin is a quick walk north on Damen for burgers, hot dogs and soft serve ice cream.

Please excuse my pictures, we went on a whim and all I had was my phone!

Not sure what is going on here!?

 *Fellger Park is a great place to hang with the kids during Retro on Roscoe  and Burger Fest.

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