Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mary Bartelme Park

When I think of an urban green space, this park is EXACTLY what I envision.  This park is so cool!  Also known as the "Adams and Sangamon" Park, Mary Bartelme is located at, you guessed it, Adams and Sangamon.  You will find this 1.4-acre park in the West Loop surrounded by all things city.  For someone who lives on the north side I absolutely loved the view of the Sears Tower (I refuse to acknowledge it's new name).

I don't even know where to start because I was impressed by this park so much.  It was built in October of 2010.  Besides the playground there is a really interesting metal sculpture (see pictures) that also sprays mist, a fenced in dog park and a large seating area complete with rolling (think big!) grassy hills.  The grassy area alone is a toddler's dream, my almost 2 year old spent the majority of his time running up and then running back down the hills.

The playground is one of the most unique that I have ever seen.  While it is geared towards a slightly older crowd (3 and up I'd say), babies and toddlers can certainly make use of it as well.  My first and favorite point:  the park is surfaced in the fantastic rubberized material, but it is sloped and angled to make hills and walls that are so great for climbing.  The play equipment is then incorporated into the hills and there is one slide that comes off a hill and brings you back to the main floor - awesome!

All of the equipment is different from what you will see at most parks.  There are no swings here except for what looks like a flying saucer that is able to be pushed back and forth.  The main attraction is a rubber climbing structure that is almost shaped like a ribbon and tons of things to climb.  The kids are rewarded for all of their hard work with a gigantic tube slide that brings them back to the beginning or a run over a really cool bridge.

This was a really great adventure for us and I strongly suggest parents from all over the city check out this park!

Love:  Most everything!  The innovative design, the hills (both in and out of the playground), the uniqueness, great climbing, plenty of seating, drinking fountain, gated.

Hate:  No shade in the playground area, this playground can be pretty dangerous for the little guy that wants to do things he is not ready for, no bathrooms, parking was metered.

Special feature:  Not to sound too lame, but everything was pretty special.  The misting sculpture, the hills, the tons of climbing opportunities.

This sculpture sprays water! 

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Christine said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Just found your blog about a week ago. This park looks awesome. I must make a point to visit this one with the kids. I really like your reviews. Let me know if you're interested in guest posting sometime on Green Parent Chicago ( Our readers would love to read your reviews.


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