Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunken Garden Park

I pick our weekly park outings very randomly.  Sometimes I target a specific area, while other times I go by special features (water spouts, sandboxes etc.).  For this park I chose it based on the name alone.  Sunken Garden Park sounds really cool. I imagined a park slightly lower than the rest of the ground creating a sunken area to play in, maybe some really nice natural elements such as rocks for climbing and beautiful, gardened landscaping. I really felt we were going on a great adventure as we headed to our destination.  THIS is the Sunken Garden Park:

Located at N. Virginia and W. Sunnyside in the Ravenswood Garden neighborhood you will find this TINY green space, complete with 4 benches.  Not quite the Sunken Gardens I thought we were going to find.  The best part is that the Chicago Park District website describes this park as one meant for "passive recreation."

We were so passive we decided to skip it.


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