Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weisman Park

At the suggestion of my friend, Michelle, we decided to hit up Weisman Park for our new park of the week.  Weisman Park is very close to Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital on the corner of Oakdale and Mildred in Lakeview.

One of the main reasons that we decided on Weisman is because I knew that there was a spray pool.  With the weather finally in the 80's I knew that this would be the best bet for keeping everyone happy.  And I was right!

Weisman was recently renovated and the landscaping is outstanding.  There are tons of flowers which make this park especially sweet.  The spray pool was a hit, there is one large sprayer, a small fountain with three spouts of water, and a really fun sprinkler for the smaller guys.  Both of my kids had a blast running through the (freezing) water, filling up buckets and taking turns pushing the button that keeps the water on.  When they weren't in the water they were busy running around the well-maintained playground and sliding down the (hot!) super slide.

Love:  splash park (!), gated, great shady areas, astroturf along the border (if there is no grass, this is the next best thing), great landscaping, clean, mini chairs for the kids (they look like they came straight out of a preschool classroom), picnic tables, train play area, super slide, drinking fountains, benches.

Hate:  No bathrooms here folks, while we found parking in the afternoon it will be tough on weekends and after 6 p.m.

Special Feature:  the spray pool area, cute train to play on, super slide (super steep slide that my oldest loves!).

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