Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oz Park - Dorothy's Playlot

 If you were to ask me which Chicago park is the very best to frolic in, Oz Park would win hands down!  The grass is green and the gardens are beautiful.  You can find Oz Park at the corner of Lincoln, Webster and Larrabee.  At this corner you will be greeted by a large Tin Man and it is here that the adventure begins...

The first thing that I enjoyed at Oz Park was "The Emerald Garden", this is a gated garden area that is reserved for relaxing, enjoying and quiet talking.  While it is gorgeous, it would not be the best place to bring the kids unless they can be quiet and respect the sunbathers and flower lookers.  Just west of the garden is "Dorothy's Playlot" and the basis for this review.

Dorothy's Playlot is a gated park that is almost entirely made of wood.  This park was designed for children 5 and younger.  You will still find the rubber surface on the ground, but you will not find play equipment comparable to the newer parks.  This park is full of nooks to hide, places to climb and bridges to run across.  There is a great space in the middle with tiered seating that gives parents an awesome eye to watch their children.  My one note of caution is that there are many times when you cannot see a child because of all the cubby holes and nooks, I had to follow F like a hawk so I didn't lose the little guy.

There are a few metal slides and a few plastic ones, the best part here is that you do not need to worry about them being too hot - Oz Park is 85% in the shade.  The baby swings were great, the older kid's swings could use a little revamping as they were super close to the ground.  All in all this is a really fun park and different from all of the rest!

Love: Wizard of Oz characters, shade, great play structure, drinking fountain, picnic tables, tire swing, great seating for parents, tons of grass outside of playlot, toddler area with train, port-a-potty outside of playlot (I do not know the conditions inside).

Hate:  Can be tough to see kids, big kid swings are too low, parking can be tricky in the heart of Lincoln Park, while the park is 5 and under I saw tons of older kids "ruling" the park (one group seemed to have been bussed in), lots of random garbage on this day - I saw an abandoned dirty diaper, an iced coffee drink just begging kids to take a sip and a bunch of chip bags.  

Special Feature:  the wood structure with castles is really the best part!

* Participates in Movies in the Park - The Wizard of Oz will be playing August 25th!

*Looking for a snack?  Hubby's Doghouse is a hot dog stand located in the center of Oz Park.

*Looking for dessert?  DQ/Orange Julius  is on the corner of Lincoln and Webster.   


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