Friday, August 10, 2012

Supera Park

Ahoy matey!  Welcome to the park of pirate ships, sandy islands and palm trees! We headed over on a Wednesday afternoon, the sun was shining and it was hot.  Luckily, this park is almost completely covered with trees and provided shade to allow us a break from the sun.  Parking on Racine was super easy and there were tons of spots on both Draper and Lill as well.    

The main attraction of Supera Park is that the play structures are shaped to look like pirate ships, complete with sail.  The rubberized flooring is colored in a way that the boats are in the water and there are beaches surrounding the area.  There is a little island playhouse next to a huge sandbox and this is where my kids spent the majority of their time. 

Lots of climbing options are available at this park.  Both of my kids loved being able to see how high they could get, but it wasn't too high that I couldn't help if the need be. 

The park was kept very clean, which was nice since both of my kids decided to take their shoes off after being in the sand box.  They ran around and played and did not have to worry about stepping on broken glass or other garbage.

My only complaint, very minor, is that the drinking fountain was stuck in an on position.  This made it so that the drinking fountain area was flooding and slippery.  Not very ideal for trying to get a sip of water.

Love:  large, gated park, lots of trees for shade, clean area, picnic tables, benches, lots of climbing, a good amount of swings, teeter totter.

Hate: overflowing drinking fountain, no bathrooms.

Special Feature: Pirate theme!

This park is frequented by the ice cream truck - bring some money!

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