Thursday, June 14, 2012

South Lakeview Park

Summer just started and already I feel so busy!!  While my daughter was at a birthday party around the corner (at Emerald City Theater, very cute by the way) my son and I strolled down the street to South Lakeview Park

The park has a great location at the end of a cul-de-sac on W. Wolfram and next to N. Lakewood Ave.  It was one of the hotter days and the park was nice because it offered some shade.  Rubberized material - check, small and large play areas - check, water fountain (that works) - check.  A great place to hang with my little man while I waited for my daughter to get done pretending to be a princess. 

Now that my son is officially in underwear, noticing the bathroom situation has become even more important to me.  This park unfortunately does not have facilities.  However, I did notice many little boys using a set of bushes as a potty.  I will admit that if I absolutely did not have a choice I would be the first to "allow" my son to pee on a bush, however, I'm not sure that I am totally down with the 10 year olds who can more likely hold it a little longer using the bushes as a public bathroom.  Will I change my mind in 8 years? Maybe. 

The Pee Bushes

One negative - the swings are way too close to the ground.  My son is only 2.5 and had to pick his legs up to be able to fully swing.  We ended up moving over to the baby swings so that he could really swing. 

Love:  lots of trees, a cute gazebo with a bush lined sidewalk, a basketball court (four hoops), little clubhouse, lots of slides, zipline like toy, a very secluded area. 

Hate:  swings are too low, bushed lined sidewalk also serves as a bathroom.

Special Feature: lots of places to have lunch outside, a teeter totter.

*And lastly, Muskies is right around the corner.  One of my favorite greasy burger places.  Get the cheese fries, you won't regret it. (or maybe you will?)


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