Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A. Montgomery Park

This park has had more name changes than Prince!  Or, the artist formerly know as Prince.  Either way, the park started as Park 511, then became known as Erie Park and now has officially been named A. Montgomery (Montgomery Ward ring a bell?)  It is located in River North at the intersection of N. Kingsbury St. and W. Erie St.

Maybe because I reside on the north side, but when I visit areas like River North I am completely astounded by the amazing surroundings and city views.  A. Montgomery is bounded by all things city.  Big buildings, the Chicago River, an amazing river walk and cool views of the skyline and bridges.  As we entered the gate into the park my children ran completely past the playground and headed to the river.  We spent a lot of time walking up and down it and admiring the passing boats.  There were tons of ducks and geese and the kids loved chasing (and being chased, careful!) them around the beautiful green and hilly landscaping.

We finally made it back up the hill to the playground and it was the perfect size for allowing me the chance to relax and keep an eye on both kids at the same time.  There are a few rubberized hills throughout the playground that were tons of fun to climb and run back down.  For the most part there was standard playground equipment: slides, a climbing wall, monkey bars and swings.  While I understand that the park designers did the best they could with it's smaller size, I was bummed to find only two baby swings and four big kid swings (one handicapped).  There was actually a wait for the baby swings while we were there and I felt guilty keeping the little guy in for more than 5 minutes.

Can I review people in my park reviews?  Of course I can, it's my blog :)  No joke, all the moms at this park were very well put together and good looking.  I felt a little self conscious that I did not have on Tom's shoes or Lululemon workout gear.  But, hey - good for the women of River North, I am definitely not putting down anyone who is raising kids and has their stuff together!

Love:  the surroundings, the river, the hills, splash park, benches, drinking fountain, ducks and geese, smaller size, gated areas.

Hate:  no bathrooms, no shade near the playground, lot's of goose poop outside of the playground, parking is metered and can be hard at peak hours.

Special Feature:  has to be the river and city views!

I would highly recommend this park to tourists of the city who have kids.  You can take great photos while letting the little ones get some energy out.

*There is a Caribou Coffee south of the park on N. Kingsbury, great for a bathroom break, quick snack and a pick me up!


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