Friday, May 13, 2011

Berger Park

What better way to start my blog than by reviewing one of my favorite parks.  Berger Park is located at 6205 N. Sheridan, the intersection of Sheridan and Granville.

One of my favorite things about Berger Park is the location, it is nestled right on Lake Michigan with spectacular views of downtown.  Unfortunately, an amazing location also means that parking can be pretty tough.  With no street parking on Sheridan I often find myself looking for a metered spot on Granville.  Note: bring a stroller, you might be walking!

Love:  Rubber surfaces, tables for picnics, benches, updated equipment, drinking fountain, lots of space, grassy areas, amazing views, lakefront breeze, bathrooms.

Hate:  Equipment is directly in the sun and can be hot, there is no fence around this park (which borders rocks that border the water!), parking stinks.

Special Feature(s):  A pirate boat play area, cultural center (yet to be explored), The Waterfront Cafe

The Pirate Ship
Amazing Views!


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